Your Home Inspection – Be There

I encourage my clients to attend the entire inspection, so we can go through everything together. We talk about concerns they may have with the house and I try to get a sense of what’s important to them. Some clients are focused on the roof or foundation. Others may have had plumbing or electrical problems in other homes they’ve owned and want to avoid similar problems in their new house. In some cases, the buyers are planning to completely remodel the house so are less concerned about older windows, heating systems or outdated kitchens and baths.

When my clients attend the inspection, we talk about the importance of repairs. Some defects have little impact on the home, such as minor cracks in the foundation, small areas of peeling paint or dings and dents on interior walls. Conversely, handyman additions to electrical or plumbing systems could have a major impact on the house and the safety of the family that lives there. Without discussing these items or seeing them firsthand, it’s difficult for buyers to prioritize repairs.

That’s why at Spyglass we inspect your home as if our family will be living there and we want you to see firsthand how we do that.

By: Bern Galat, Principal, Spyglass Home Inspections

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