For Sellers

You’re trying to sell your home.

You don’t want to be mired in a long and drawn-out dispute with the buyers over the results of a home inspection. So, be proactive: find out what might come up in a home inspection before it becomes a problem. Hiring an experienced home inspector can be the key to a quick sale.

Sellers often take care of obvious flaws such as dirty air and water filters, missing window screens and peeling paint. But there are things a home inspector will see that you won’t: Do you have an ‘S’ trap instead of ‘P’ trap under your kitchen sink? Is the extension from your water heater safety relief valve missing? Is there a bedroom electrical receptacle exhibiting reverse polarity? All these problems will be discovered by a buyer’s home inspector. And while each sound serious, the fixes are relatively simple… if you know about them in the first place. But, even for serious issues like a water meter interfering with the proper grounding of your electrical system or a cracked heat exchanger in your boiler, it’s better to know and understand what will result from an inspection, and to remedy these problems in advance.

Providing the information you need to assess your options is one way Spyglass Home Inspections will see you safely home from your old house to your new one.