May is Deck Safety Month®

Spring is here and we all have cabin fever! We can’t wait to get outside and enjoy the warm weather with family and friends. In the past having a party at home meant that some people would gather on the deck others inside and most would meander in and out. This year, some of us… Read More »

Septic System Maintenance During the COVID-19 Crisis

You may not have thought about it but having the whole family at home all day every day means your septic system is getting a lot more use than normal. So it makes sense to give some thought to this often-overlooked system before you get a really nasty surprise.  Most septic service professionals recommend having… Read More »

Air Conditioner Maintenance

Summer is almost here! The warmer days we’ve had recently on the north shore gave homeowners with air conditioners some relief and some surprises. If your air conditioner isn’t cooling your home the way you expect it to, check on these simple maintenance items before calling out a professional. BTW, if your system is working… Read More »

Your Home Inspection – Be There

I encourage my clients to attend the entire inspection, so we can go through everything together. We talk about concerns they may have with the house and I try to get a sense of what’s important to them. Some clients are focused on the roof or foundation. Others may have had plumbing or electrical problems… Read More »

Negotiations after the Inspection

Negotiations are common after a home inspection, and the inspector is often caught in the middle – often through their own fault. It is not within the purview of an inspector to determine what should or shouldn’t be negotiated- that’s a job for the real estate agent. It’s important to know what a home inspection… Read More »