Six Month Re-Inspection

Home inspections are a snapshot in time. We can see you safely home today, but no home inspector can predict the future.

Seeing You Safely Home

Our goal is to inspect your new home with the same care and thoroughness we’d use if one of our families was going to be living there. So, we won’t be cutting and pasting from yesterday’s inspection report when we draft yours. A Spyglass report will rank order any problems we find. Serious issues that pose a safety risk should be corrected immediately. But less serious issues that don’t create safety hazards, can be repaired over time, as your budget allows. In between is a gray area representing issues that don’t pose an immediate problem but could worsen over time. Our recommendation will be to monitor these items and we’ll show you how to do that. But In our experience, the excitement of moving into a new home and the demands of everyday family life often overtake the best intentions when it comes to property maintenance. That’s why we’ll come back in six months to re-inspect the items we recommended you monitor. If the issue has stabilized – great. If not, we’ll recommend corrective action; and, if you ask, we will suggest local contractors who can assist you. We only refer you to professionals who have worked on our own homes and have proven to be skilled and reliable.

Just another way that Spyglass is committed to seeing you safely home – and sometimes coming back to make sure you’re OK.