About Us

Seeing You Safely Home: More Than Just a Tagline

At Spyglass Home Inspections, seeing you safely home is more than just a tagline. It’s a set of guiding principles that ensure we will inspect your home as if one of our families will be living there.

Spyglass is the outgrowth of a family construction and property investment business founded more than 50 years ago. From the beginning, we personally inspected every property in which we had a significant financial interest or in which our own children and grandchildren would be living. The inspection process we developed was of the highest quality because we had so much at stake in the outcome. Today, we bring that same quality and commitment to our clients. We employ the latest technology and instrumentation but it’s our unique process that puts the data into perspective, so you are presented with solid information with which to make an informed decision.

About the Principal

Bern Galat is the Principal of Spyglass Home Inspections. He first learned about home construction in his teen years (and practiced hands-on) under the watchful eyes of his father, a general contractor and his staff of skilled tradesman. After completing his Bachelor of Science Degree and Master’s Degree in Business Administration at Northeastern University Bern continued in the family business. He kept his skills and knowledge of the building trades sharp by finding, inspecting and purchasing residential and commercial properties. He personally remodeled each new property as he acquired it, some as a residence for himself and his family, others for resale.

Bern is licensed by the State of New Hampshire and is fully insured. He is an active member of the American Society of Home Inspectors (ASHI) and rigorously adheres to their standard of practice and code of ethics. Every property is inspected with an eye toward whether it will be a safe residence for one of our families. So, those who work with Spyglass can be assured that Bern will see you safely home.